A Kindle Reading Quest for 2021

I’m not setting goals this year. I’m going on quests.

I grew up with a goal setter. I remember several long family meetings around the kitchen table to set annual goals.

I’ve tried to set annual goals, especially the last few years. I don’t usually reach them. But I appreciate the feeling that I’m making progress.

As a reluctant goal setter, I’m happy to find things that make it easier or more enjoyable to tick the box on those goals.

Inspired by a new tool from the Zon, I know I’ll have more fun on my Quest to read more books in 2021.

Starting this month, you can join the Kindle Challenge on Amazon and earn badges for completing readerly tasks.

Better than earning badges, you can earn a $5 ebook credit for earning 4 badges in January.

Trophies and coin. That’s good questing.

After you subscribe to the challenge, you can nab your badges and $5 ebook credit. These are the easiest side quests Amazon has on the Kindle Challenge page for January:

  • Goal Setter: Create a reading goal in your Kindle app.
  • I’m a Fan: Follow an author (just click the follow button on an author page like mine)
  • Night Owl: Activate Dark Mode on your Kindle E-reader
  • Quitter’s Day: Read in your Kindle app on January 19th

It would also be easy to snag badges by borrowing a Prime Reading book if you have Prime, or start reading a new series. You could also finish reading a book you’ve already started.

Another easy badge to snag is signing up for a Kindle Unlimited Trial.

I know I was planning on reading more books already, but this makes it more fun, and it even funds some of the goal.

Keep the details in mind. You have to earn your four badges by January 31, 2021 to get the credit. Just check the small print on the challenge page.

I hope this helps you read more, or at least gets you a free credit to cheer up the new year.

Now I’m going questing…

UPDATE: I’ve since learned that the challenge page may be running an AB test, where some visitors just see the challenges, while others can earn the credits. I can’t confirm this myself, but if you don’t see the credit, signing up should get you notified for next month’s challenge. Unless I’m wrong again.

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