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Should Christians still tell stories if the greatest story has already been told?

It’s Good Friday. Last night, I asked my children the question that I used to ask about the name: Why is it called good Friday when it commemorates the day that Jesus died? Especially when Christians believe Jesus is God’s son, the second person of the Trinity. What’s good about anyone dying, especially someone like…

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True Love is a Dragon Fight

True Love in Life and Fiction

Valentine’s Day is two days away (hint hint), and while I didn’t intend to write a blog post about the topic, after just a bit of research to answer questions from curious children, I discovered it’s ripe for exploration. Not being from the Catholic tradition, my knowledge of saints and their stories is limited. However,…

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A Kindle Reading Quest for 2021

I’m not setting goals this year. I’m going on quests. I grew up with a goal setter. I remember several long family meetings around the kitchen table to set annual goals. I’ve tried to set annual goals, especially the last few years. I don’t usually reach them. But I appreciate the feeling that I’m making…

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