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Discover the origins of the Capric Order in The Relic

The victorious army of Fin has finally recovered the relic that King Frederick hopes will unite the entire plain of Apos.

Ward Finlay, the king's general, looks forward to a well-deserved rest for his men. The king's priest, Sage Bennett, studies the relic eagerly to discover its secrets.

None of them see the danger coming from the sea. An enormous Ballentine army sails up the river Apos, threatening to overturn their victory and destroy the kingdom. The army of Fin is hopelessly outnumbered.

Their only hope is a vision given to Sage Bennett.

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The Treasure of Capric

eBook Cover

The 1st book in The King of the Caves Series by Brandon M Wilborn.


Siren Silence: The Fate of Cpt. Bacchus

A King of The Caves Novella by Brandon M Wilborn.




An Amazon Kindle #1 Bestseller!

In a nation under clouds of darkness, three young monks who've lost their home must race to find their sacred treasure before their world collapses.

The first problem: they've never seen it...

Readers have likened The Treasure of Capric to the epic heroes quest of JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, the allegory of C.S. Lewis, and the magical sword and sorcery of Terry Brooks’ Sword of Shannara Trilogy or The Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson.

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The Fate of Cpt. Bacchus

A thrilling follow-up novella.

After finding the King of the Caves, Kurian must face one of his greatest challenges and return to Syrene Bay for a desperate rescue attempt.

Can any man resist the siren song?

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